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Siri Voice Commands for iPhone for the Blind & Visually Impaired

As a blind iPhone user, I find that the following Siri commands help me take advantage of technology and use my iPhone more easily. And it is not open scan apps. However, these tips also apply to people with normal vision. These tricks were tested on the iOS 12 iPhone. If you haven't updated your operating system yet, do so now. These Siri commands, not to be confused with the new function of Siri Shortcuts, also work on other iOS devices, such as iPad or iPod touch.

1. Use Siri to set alarms in the Watch app.

Siri lets you set, edit, or delete alarms in the Watch app. Activate Siri and do one of the following:

• Set a new alarm using the "Set alarm" command and enter the desired time. You can use the same command to set other alarms.

• To change the default alarm, if you only have one, use the "Change alarm" command followed by the new time you want (this does not set a new alarm, it replaces the current alarm).

• If you have multiple alarms, use the command "Change [insert time from the previously specified time] to alarm" followed by the new time.

• If you want to delete a previously set alarm, use the "Delete _____ alarm" command with the time of the alarm to be deleted.

• If you only have one saved, you can enable the alarm using the "Enable alarm" command. If you have set multiple alarms, use the "Enable [insert preset time] alarm" command.

• If you have only one alarm saved and it is activated, you can turn it off at any time with the "Turn off alarm" command.

• If you have multiple alarms activated, you can disable one using the "Disable _____ alarm" command, which will display the alarm for a certain amount of time that you want to disable it.

2. Set appointments in Calendar with Siri

You can set appointments in Calendar using Siri by activating your assistant and using the command "Set appointment", followed by a description and the correct calendar date and time. in a meeting, You do not need to select a year unless you are in the same calendar year.

• After saying appointment, Siri asks if you're ready to book an appointment. Say yes to confirm.

• Siri can confirm an agreement by repeating it back to you and saying "let us know if you want to make changes", you can accept without saying anything or change by saying "change".

• To delete a contract, use the "Delete contract" command and the name of the contract. Siri will ask you to confirm, you can say "yes" to remove the contract or "cancel" to keep it that way.

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